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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tangent Tuesday: The Half Edition

This weekend I am running the Half at the Hamptons this weekend.  I am very excited for the race this weekend.  I have not run a half sense May 2010 so I am pumped.  This is a a little unique for me sense it is more of a training run for the marathon than a race.

Three Reasons I am excited about this race...

1.  We run along the beach and I find nothing more relaxing or peaceful than running along the water.  I have been missing running along the water due to all the snow so I am pumped to be back along the beach.

Even though it will probably look like this

2. I am wearing my new running skirt.  I just bought two skirt recently and I have fallen in love with them.  I have been running in them when on the treadmill but never outside.  This being New England in Winter I will be wearing tights or capris under it.

3.  The weather is suppose to be great this week well after today.  It is suppose to be in the 40s and 50s which is pretty amazing considering the weather have been having.  Though the  temps wont be that high on Sunday  it is suppose to be 30 and sunny.  I am very happy not to be running in temps in the 10s.

My goal for this race is 2:20.  Again this is more of a training run than  race so I need to stick with that pace.  Though it wont be a PR it would be about 12 minute improvement  from my last race so that is a plus.

Do you love racing?
Do you use them as training runs?
Where is your favorite place to run?


  1. I love Hampton Beach!! Hopefully it is an awesome race for you!! I do love racing!!! I've never used one as a training run though. My favorite place to run is really anywhere outside when it's decent weather. I have to say that the Amica Marathon (well the first 1/2) had an amazing course.

  2. Good luck in your half! It's hard to stick to a slower time in a race, so extra patience for you.
    Have you tried Skirt Sports "Lotta Breeze Capris"? If you like the skirt you are running in, you should check them out. I've been training in mine and don't have to layer.

    Oh and:
    1. I love racing, love it! Can't wait until May when I get to do my next half.
    2. I sometimes run halfs as training runs, especially if they are close together. You can't go out an PR every weeekend!
    3. I'm enjoying running in the farmland outside of our town. I didn't like it last summer, but I've learned to appreciate the scenery on long runs.

  3. Oh, you lucky girl, a race at the Hamptons sound like a blast! Good luck on the 2:20. :)

  4. I would love to run HERE!! Beautiful!!! My only taste of the The Hamptons is through the Real Housewives of NY!!!!

  5. What a great place to do a "training run"! I love racing and hate it. I love using it as part of a training plan because it's so fun to run with a big group of people but there's not the pressure involved with racing. Have a great time!

  6. have a great race. even if the weather is blah the scenery has got to be lovely!