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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12 months of racing... well almost!

So here is my tentative racing schedule.  I am sure excited about.  I am a planner and need to plan ahead.  I am lucky to find a bunch of races in my city to limit the time away from my family on race day.  My wonderful inlaws have already offer to babysit for the long races that cant push L Boogie in.  I would love to do a race a month but not sure if time or money will allow.  Now just to start saving to pay for all these race fees.

January Frosty four
February Hampton half
March The Black Cat 10 miler and  Olde Salem Green XC 5K
May Cox Marathon & Boston Runs to Remember
June Worcester Half Marathon
August The Derby Street Mile and  Yankee Homecoming Road Race 5K
September Wicked half marathon
October Devil Chase 6.66
November Wild Turkey 5 Miler
December Reindeer Run 5k

What's your racing schedule like?  Do you plan ahead or go by the sit of your pants?  How many races do you typically do? 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hitting the pavement

My gym was closed this morning due to some damage from the Blizzard yesterday... I bundled myself up ( it was 12 degrees I should add) and "hit" the pavement.  And because the streets and sidewalks looked like this
I literally hit the pavement and slipped a couple of times... Lets just say after that run I am even more grateful that Santa brought me this
and these...

These gifts will certainly be put to good us this winter and I can wait to they get here!! 
 My favorite reindeer and I would love to wish you all a very belated but merry Christmas!

What's the weather like by you?

Plans for the week and HBBC update!

Marathon training week one starts this week.  I cant believe it!!  I am ready to start and cant wait for May to put all my training to work.  Here is the plan for the week.
Tuesday 10 minute warm-up 6 x (1 minute fast then 3 min. easy)  10 minute cool-down
Wednesday Spin
Thursday 2 miles easy, 2 miles @ Tempo pace 2 miles easy
Friday: 4 mile race
Sunday: 8 miles 11:00 pace
Plus 30 day shred Monday-Friday

I found special momentum this week and was really impress how much exercise I was able to get in!  I think it was impart due to all the eating I did…. Let’s just say I really enjoyed the holidays.  The bright side is I am down another pound!!  That is 6 total… not too bad for this month. 
HBBC breakdown for the last week
Monday: 12/20
45 minute spin 4.5
2 mile walk (2)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
20 minutes/steching yoga (1)
Total 9.5

Tuesday:  12/21
4 mile run (4)
3 mile walk (3)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 9

Wednesday: 12/22
4 Mile run Hill work out (4)
3 mile walk(3)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 9

Thursday: 12/23
45 min spin (4.5)
90 min hot yoga (4.5)
1 mile walk (1)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 12

Friday: 12/24
5 mile run (5)
1.5 mile walk (1.5)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 8.5

Saturday: 12/25
4.5  easy run
2 mile walk (2)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
Total 7.5

Sunday  12/26
12 mile long run (12)
60 minutes yoga (3)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
Total 15

Monday 12/27
2.5 hours shoveling (7)
3 miles walk in the snow (3)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day shred (1)
Total 11

Enjoy the day!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Plans for the week and HBBC update

This is the last week before my marathon training will start.  I have decided to run the marathon in RI  and post pone the Vermont City till 2012.  Thanks for all the feedback and support.  I think this is the best decision for me and I am pretty happy with it.  I am very excited about finally getting underway with my training.  I cant believe I am on the road to becoming a marathoner!  I am still deciding on my training plan and will post about it next week. 
Plans for the week:
M: 30 day shred
T  30 day shred and 4 mile speed work out
W: 30 day shred and 4 mile easy run
Th: 30 day shred and 4 miles with hills
F:  30 day shred and a spin class
S:  Maybe a family walk but probably a rest day
Su: 9 miles

I have been having great success with HBBC and it is really keeping me  going during the holidays when I totally lose all control and get back on track in January.  With the help of HBBC and WW,  I am down a total of 5 lb since Dec 1.  Only 25 lbs more to go!!
HBBC Point Breakdowns from 12/13 to 12/19
4 Mile speed work out (4)
2 mile walk (2)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
20 minutes steching yoga (1)
Total 9

4 mile run (4)
2 mile walk (2)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 8

4 Mile run Hill work out (4)
1 mile walk(1)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 7

Thursday: rest
90 min hot yoga (4.5)
2 mile walk (2)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 8.5

45 min Spin 4.5
.5 mile walk (.5)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
30 day Shred (1)
Total 7

4.5  easy run
2 mile walk (2)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)
Total 7.5

9 mile long run (9)/
2 mile walk (2)
7 fruits/ vegetables (1)

Happy Monday and here's to a short cheerful week!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

92.5 and other random things...

This is the number of miles I must run each month to  reach my goal of 1111 miles run in 2011.  I have never set a specific miles goal nor have I ever track my mileage for a whole year.  I am very excited to see what the next year brings in terms of my running.  I have big things  planned in terms of racing and training and I think this goal will help me stay motivated especially on mornings like today when it was 11 with a windchill of 2. 

Speaking of cold weather running I think it is time for me to invest in one of these

I never would believe that I would get one of these because as much as I try I just cant enjoy running on the treadmill.  However, it is going to be a cold long winter and J is going to be gone alot between work and school.  I have a training plan to stcik to and I think the treadmill maybe the only way to go.  So I am on the lookout for good treadmill that doesnt breal the bank. Any suggestions??

Speaking of suggestions, I have been getting some great comments on my blog lately and it makes me happy ( takes so little sometimes).  Anyways  I am confused on how to comment back to people...do I just comment back in the comments ?  Or do I something else and what is that??  People are providing some great feedbacka nd I dont want them to feel ignored...   I am probably over analyzing this too much as I dont most things..,, thats me!

Lastly, I am starting my training for my marathon next week and I am debating between two plans:

Run Less Run Faster


I am leaning toward the Run Less Run Faster but I want to get feedback and insight from others.  What training plan did you do for your first marathon?  Would you recommend it?

Enough rambling...

Have a great night!

Monday, December 13, 2010

How to choose???

So as some of you may know I signed up for my first marathon in Vermont on May 29th.  Then one of my best friends from college announced  she was getting married on May 27th in Connecticut ( she told me days after I signed up for  the race).   Since the race is in Vermont we would not be able to stay over night for her wedding and I would have to keep my celebrating to a minimum.  I have already registered for the race but can deffer it for a year.  I started thinking about trying to find another marathon in the spring instead.  I found this one in RI but I cant decide if I should stick to my original plan or to do the race in RI.  So I do what I do best and made a list of pros and cons.

2011 Cox Sports Marathon
Only an hour away
Only one night hotel stay
Friends doing the half so we could run together in the beginning and the end
Family/ Friends could come and sheer me on
Can attend my friend's wedding and really enjoy myself
Cooler Weather

Training start next week
Not as big or well organized  ( not sure of this more of a feeling)
Pick winter race based on the Vermont race and would not correspond with this training schedule
Falter course
Not a cool as destination

This is the original I was going to do..

KeyBank Vermont City Marathon

I know few ladies running this race but wont run with them they are too fast
More time before training
Mini a getaway
Cool destination
Lots of cheese and chocolate to taste afterwards
Well organized race
Already registered for the race
Better scenery

Could not stay over night at friends wedding
Only J and L Boogie would come sheer me on
4 hours away
2 nights in a hotel
Hillier Course
Possible warm temps

I am even more confused that when I started.  So I turning to the bloggy world for some help...

What race would you do and why?


Sunday, December 12, 2010

HBBC Update and Plans for the week

So it has been one busy week and I am  looking at other busy one.  I managed to get all my workouts in but I could not do some of the extra stuff I have been doing in the previous weeks .  The competitive side of me has noticed that I am slipping in the rankings and I would love to up my exercise and HBBC points this week.  On a positive note, despite the copious amounts of birthday cake consumed, I manage to lose another 1.5 lbs.  which is a total of 4lbs since starting WW two weeks ago.  More on WW later to come this week. 

My plan for the week:

30 Day Shred Monday through Friday plus 1 to 2 mile walk with the dog and baby each day

Monday: 4 Mile speed work out
Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 4 Mile run Hill work out
Thursday: rest
Friday: Spin
Saturday: 3 easy run
Sunday 8 or 10 mile long run

Total mileage 25(23) miles

HBBC Catch Up

12/4 Saturday
3.1 (3)
7 veggies/ fruit (1)
3 mile walk (3)
20 minutes streching (1)

Total 8

12/5 Sunday
10 mile run (10)
1 mile walk (1)
20 minutes stretch (1)
7 veggies/ fruit (1)

Total 13

12/6 Monday
30 say shred (1)
9 Minutes  Yoga (4.5)
7 veggies/ fruit (1)

Total 6.5

12/7 Tuesday

5Mile run (5)
30 say shred (1)
7 veggies/ fruit (1)

Total 7
12/8 Wednesday
30 say shred (1)
4.5 Mile Run (4.5)
7 veggies/ fruit (1)
20 minues streching (1)
Total 7.5

12/9 Thursday
30 say shred (1)
6 mile run (6)
7 veggies/ fruit (1)

Total 8
12/10 Friday (rest day)
2 mile walk (2)
7 veggies/fruit (1)
40 mintues Yoga (2)

Week 3 total 55
12/11 Saturday
1 hour Spin (6)
2 Mile Walk (2)
7 veggies/ fruit (1)

Total 8

12/12 Sunday
9 mile Run (9)
1 mile Walk (1)
7 Veggies/fruit (1)
20 minutes yoga/ streching (1)

Total 12

How are you doing in HBBC? 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little of this and that

I have a bunch things rolling around in my head and want to share.   I had such a wonderful weekend but it left me a little tired to write a long blog entry tonight. Here are is a little of this and a little of that...

--My race result for the last two races.  Both races I missed my goal time by under 20 secs.  Sucks to be so close and not meet a goal

Wild Turkey 5 Miler
1038 KARYN         188 F 29 F2529 104 SALEM      MA   52:13 10:27

Reindeer Run 5k
282 532 Karyn          30:18  9:46  35/71   F2029 29 F Salem        MA

--  The race on Saturday was the last race in the 20 to 29 age group.  I am actually pumped to see how my racing/running can develop in the next age group.

-- This weekend was filled with many fun things including a date night to see A Christmas Carol, Pizza Party with friends, a sprinkle, and the 5k.

-- I had made some wonderful friends since I have become a mother and it makes my heart swell with joy1

--The downsidee of the weekend was there was many wonderful sweets, treats and other foods.  I did not hold back and now I am feeling it.  Back on the bandwagon tomorrow.

--I have 4 great giveaways in the works and I can't wait to share them.

-- I made some awesome healthy treats for the sprinkle.  Watch for recipes and pictures this week.

-- Long runs are much harder after a late night  with a couple glasses of wine and some yummy appetizers.  I managed to squeak out 8 miles but it was HARD.  Not a good idea on my part.

-- The better the weekends are the quicker Monday comes...

So that's what has been going on in my life right now. 

What is your this and that of the weekend?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Running Reindeer and other weekeng plans...

So happy it is Friday! It is my birthday weekend and there is lots of stuff planned!!  Today L boogie and I had a play date and then when down and watched Santa come to town by Helicopter. It was very cute and got me into the Christmas spirit... LBoogie still has not clue what Christmas spirit is! Tomorrow I am running local Reindeer Run 5k.  It is a great little race I run every year to celebrate my birthday.  It is fun and festive but very cold.  Tomorrow night J and I have a date night/ birthday surprise and L Boogie is  sleeping at is grandparents.  I am so excited for some couple time!  Sunday, I have sprinkle for a couple of mom friends of mine.  Then Sunday we are having some friends over for Pizza and Cake and then we will take the kiddies to the zoo to see it all decorated in the lights.  It is going to be a busy but fun and festive weekend.  Yay!

Goal time for my race tomorrow is under 30 would love to PR but my PR for that race is under a 27 I think so that might not happen.  I will settle for under 30.

HBBC Recap
3.60 mile run and .4 mile walk (4)
20 minutes 30 day Shred (1)
20 Minutes stretching (1)
8 Fruits and veggies (1)

Total 7


2mile Walk (2)
yoga one hour (1)
20 Minutes 30 day shred (1)
8 fruits and Veggies (1)

Total 4


3 Mile Walk  (3)
4 Mile Run (4)
30 Day Shred (1)
7 Fruits/ veggies (1)

Total 9

Total for the 3 days 20

Total for the Challenge 118

What fun things do you have planned this weekend?

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I can't run I don't have a hair elastic...

This was actually the thought that popped into my head when I could not find a hair tie this morning.  I am not proud but I have talent of finding the lamest excuses for not working out. I typically talk myself out of one run a week.  Right before I sat down on the couch to ditch my run, I decided that I am done with the excuses.  I love to run and I never regret working out, however, I do regret the lame excuses and not working out.

 So I got my sneakers on and headed out for a run with my hair flipping in the breeze sans elastic.  It was a slow start but it felt great to be on the road.  I was planning on heading to the gym for a treadmill speed work out but instead I headed here to do some speed work around the 1/2 mile loop. Much better scenery then the gym or a track.

I was motivated all day to not make any lame excuses and just do what I needed to get done.  Tonight the motivation/ no excuses motto continued.  When I got from home at 6pm, I put on  my work out clothes on and finally at 8:30pm ( after doing all the night time/ next day routine) I did this.

Normally I would have made some lame-o excuse like the jumping would bother my neighbors tv watching or that I would have to take another shower but tonight I just did it and I am happy I did!

Did you make excuses?  What did you do to overcome the excuses??