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Friday, October 22, 2010

Run in a costume... yes or no?

I am running in a Halloween Race next Sunday and runners are encouraged to wear devil costumes. I typically do not dress or wear costumes especially when running but there is a sizeable prize and it is the Halloween Capitol of the US ( Salem, Ma).  I am thinking embracing the spirit of the race!  I feel a little silly but not sure why.  My two ideas are devil in a blue dress or a devilled egg.  The devil in a blue dress I would wear red running tights and a red shirt and a simple blue cotten dress over it.  For the devilled egg, I would  red running tights and a red shirt with a felt egg cut out on it.  And of course horns for both.

Any votes on which costume?  How about you... do you stick to just running gear or embrace the spirit of the race?


  1. I like the Devil in a Blue dress idea! Sounds cute! The closest I will get to a costume is the sparkle skirt I will be wearing next week for my 5k since I typically just wear a tee and tights! LOL

  2. yes yes do the costume!! Haveing done a halloween race I promise you it just makes it more fun... hotter for me, but it really just made it more joyful

  3. Definitely wear a costume! Either one, but I wouldn't pass up the chance to dress up for the race. :)

  4. Thanks ladies... I am going to do it! I will post pictures later.

  5. sounds like fun! you'll be so cute and your fan club will be able to spot you easily!!

    I'mrunning a half marathon on halloween weekend, but am not wearing a costume. I am however sporting organge/black and orange/black knee high socks.