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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Speed Workouts...

Today, I did my first speed workout in over a year.  I loved it!  Well, actually, I haated it while I was doing it but afterwards I loved it.  It feels great to push yourself sometimes. 

I did:

1 mile warm up to the gym
Then did the following 3 times on the treadmill
3 minutes at 8:40 pace (10k pace)
3 minutes at 10:30 pace
1 mile easy run back home

I prefer  to do speed/fartlek runs on a treadmill during these time of year when it dark on the track.  And for some reason I cant just do them just out on the road.  Any tips on that??

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  1. Me and intervals have a love/hate relationship! haha No advice on the road and speed intervals, I do mine on the treadmill.