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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running Through DC

I am in DC right now for work.  This is my first trip away from LBoogie and I thought I was be too sad to enjoy it.  Well I was wrong, I complete miss him and my hubby J but I am having a blast.  Today I got to my hotel and decided to go for a run.  I was just going to go around my hotel in Old Towne Alexandra but based on the recommendation of Amanda, I decided to head into the city and run around there.  I was just going to go for short 3 miler but ended up so engrossed in the sights of the city I ended up going 6. 

I started out coming out of the Metro and just starting running.  I got luck and after about a mile I ran into this
I took a quick pictures and chatted with some tourist that loved my new "Will Run for Wine" Bondiband.

I took off towards my favorite spot in DC...

I don't know why but I love the Washington Monument and the area around it. Then I ventured down to the Mall and  ran along there.  I looking at Smithsonian Museum's and remember my childhood trips there.  I stopped and snapped this picture. 

I was hoping to do to run up the stairs ala Rocky ( I know that Philadelphia but I was going to pretend) but it was closed. So  I just headed back down the mall and over to the Metro.  It was such an amazing run.  I wish all my runs could be in new and different places each time.

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  1. A-MAZING pictures! We live in the best country in the world and there's the proof right here.

    I wish I had been a runner when we took our family vacation in DC. That would have been awesome.