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Monday, December 27, 2010

Hitting the pavement

My gym was closed this morning due to some damage from the Blizzard yesterday... I bundled myself up ( it was 12 degrees I should add) and "hit" the pavement.  And because the streets and sidewalks looked like this
I literally hit the pavement and slipped a couple of times... Lets just say after that run I am even more grateful that Santa brought me this
and these...

These gifts will certainly be put to good us this winter and I can wait to they get here!! 
 My favorite reindeer and I would love to wish you all a very belated but merry Christmas!

What's the weather like by you?


  1. awesome gifts! Wow, a treadmill!! what i could with one of those if only I had the space to put one. :) Thanks for comment on my blog!

  2. Those are pretty sweet gifts. We got hit with the blizzard too, but I'm definitely staying indoors for my runs.

  3. So cute!! Obviously I have the same weather as you pretty much. I haven't run outside since last week before the storm but I plan to on Friday or Saturday!

  4. I hope your "hits" weren't too bad! Getting a treadmill is a great thing for when it's super cold! And I love your picture of your little guy!