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Friday, December 3, 2010

Running Reindeer and other weekeng plans...

So happy it is Friday! It is my birthday weekend and there is lots of stuff planned!!  Today L boogie and I had a play date and then when down and watched Santa come to town by Helicopter. It was very cute and got me into the Christmas spirit... LBoogie still has not clue what Christmas spirit is! Tomorrow I am running local Reindeer Run 5k.  It is a great little race I run every year to celebrate my birthday.  It is fun and festive but very cold.  Tomorrow night J and I have a date night/ birthday surprise and L Boogie is  sleeping at is grandparents.  I am so excited for some couple time!  Sunday, I have sprinkle for a couple of mom friends of mine.  Then Sunday we are having some friends over for Pizza and Cake and then we will take the kiddies to the zoo to see it all decorated in the lights.  It is going to be a busy but fun and festive weekend.  Yay!

Goal time for my race tomorrow is under 30 would love to PR but my PR for that race is under a 27 I think so that might not happen.  I will settle for under 30.

HBBC Recap
3.60 mile run and .4 mile walk (4)
20 minutes 30 day Shred (1)
20 Minutes stretching (1)
8 Fruits and veggies (1)

Total 7


2mile Walk (2)
yoga one hour (1)
20 Minutes 30 day shred (1)
8 fruits and Veggies (1)

Total 4


3 Mile Walk  (3)
4 Mile Run (4)
30 Day Shred (1)
7 Fruits/ veggies (1)

Total 9

Total for the 3 days 20

Total for the Challenge 118

What fun things do you have planned this weekend?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday and good luck on the 5K!

  2. Happy birthday!!!
    good luck for the race! I am also racing tomorrow!!

  3. Happy b'day! We ran a Santa Run this morning. Did you have fun on your Reindeer run?!!

    Great job on your HBBC thus far!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a blast running the 5K, what a great way to celebrate!!

    Can you please email me, I need to get your address for the blog gift exchange, I am going to pick names tomorrow and get those sent off. THANKS!!!