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Monday, December 13, 2010

How to choose???

So as some of you may know I signed up for my first marathon in Vermont on May 29th.  Then one of my best friends from college announced  she was getting married on May 27th in Connecticut ( she told me days after I signed up for  the race).   Since the race is in Vermont we would not be able to stay over night for her wedding and I would have to keep my celebrating to a minimum.  I have already registered for the race but can deffer it for a year.  I started thinking about trying to find another marathon in the spring instead.  I found this one in RI but I cant decide if I should stick to my original plan or to do the race in RI.  So I do what I do best and made a list of pros and cons.

2011 Cox Sports Marathon
Only an hour away
Only one night hotel stay
Friends doing the half so we could run together in the beginning and the end
Family/ Friends could come and sheer me on
Can attend my friend's wedding and really enjoy myself
Cooler Weather

Training start next week
Not as big or well organized  ( not sure of this more of a feeling)
Pick winter race based on the Vermont race and would not correspond with this training schedule
Falter course
Not a cool as destination

This is the original I was going to do..

KeyBank Vermont City Marathon

I know few ladies running this race but wont run with them they are too fast
More time before training
Mini a getaway
Cool destination
Lots of cheese and chocolate to taste afterwards
Well organized race
Already registered for the race
Better scenery

Could not stay over night at friends wedding
Only J and L Boogie would come sheer me on
4 hours away
2 nights in a hotel
Hillier Course
Possible warm temps

I am even more confused that when I started.  So I turning to the bloggy world for some help...

What race would you do and why?



  1. I'm not a very social person or a person who would do much celebrating, so I'd stick with the first race. Given that you're considering a different race and weighing the pros and cons, I think you want to switch. GO FOR IT!! :)

  2. I think that I would go to RI. I looked at the web site and it looks like a cool race. May 1 seems like a good day to race and then you can have fun at your friends wedding. If you can defer the race in Vermont then you can run it next year.

  3. I'd do the first one...
    1 cooler weather that is a big +
    2 support also big +
    3 your friend will only get married once..enjoy it.

    the destination should not matter unless this was around a real long vacation

  4. I work for the Vermont City Marathon, and we would LOVE to see you here this year. I fully admit my bias, but here is why I think you should come see us for your first marathon: *our crowds and the support that comes with them is amazing! Even if you only have a couple known friends here to cheer you on, you'll have literally thousands of new friends who will support you through every mile. Wear your name on your shirt and you'll get personalized support! *the course has one main hill, but you're powered up it by a whole troupe of Taiko drummers. *Burlington is perfect mini-getaway. We have great restaurants and sights, and yes, lots of cheese, chocolate and ice cream to taste. *Running your first marathon at a really well-organized event can have a lot to do with how you feel about running 26.2 again. I don't know anything about the RI race, but I can promise you that we deliver an excellent event.

    All that said, you can defer (we like to offer great customer service) and we'll be as psyched to see you in 2012. Plus, then you'll get to attend a good friend's wedding!

  5. Hi, I am getting married on May 27th too. I'm running Pineland Farms 50km on the 29th in ME., with my husband of course! :-)
    The Cox race is pretty nice. I've done the half there a few times but have also paced friends in the marathon. It's kind of a boring course but the weather is cooler! Your family will be able to cheer you on from various points so thats a big bonus. I'd go for Cox and then run VT City next year. Enjoy your friend's wedding. (Sorry Leandre :-p). Let us know what you decide! I'll probably be at the Cox races so i'll cheer you on!

  6. I think I'd postpone too just so that you can enjoy your friend's wedding. Plus having family and friends to support you along the way makes such a big difference. Good luck with your decision!