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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!!

There is nothing better than a snowy day with nothing to do and no where to go.  We have been lucky to have two snow days in the days three weeks!  I have such fond memories of snow days with my mom and brothers going out in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and then some baking.  While J was out shoveling L boogie and I did all of these things.  Except I drank coffee and he had water!! 

We started off with some sledding... someone was not a fan...

Then Mama did a little baking during nap time. In an effort to eat cleaner and buy less processed food I made this Baked oatmeal Squares.  I think they came out great... I did add a little agave sweetener to please J...

When L Boogie woke up he tested one of the squares.... I think he approved.

J wanted something sweet so I  made these Cocoa Cookies from Cara at Cara's Craving... they are wonderful and not too bad for you.  Only 3 pts if you on WW and they are huge cookies....

After we made some cookies... I went to the basement and tried out my new treadmill!  Excuse the nasty basement floor... not the best scenery.  It was a little musty and cool down there.  I hope it gets better. My workouts got a little messed this week due to the weather.  I was running short on time so  I just did some speed work and did a 5k in 27:23!

I am still not a fan of the treadmill but it is better than running in this....

When I got back up stairs I was greeted by a wonderful dinner made by J... BBQ Chicken Pizza ( homemade dough and all) with roasted veggies.

Overall it was a great day!!  I will end this post with a few questions for you...

What is your favorite pizza?  Do you make your own or buy it?

Has the weather put a cramp in your workouts this week?

If you own a treadmill where do you keep it?  Do you wish it was somewhere else?

Have a great night!!


  1. That is a lot of snow! Snow days are fun as long as you don't have to travel in it! My treadmill is in the basement and I just wish I had a TV nearby. We make our own pizza mostly. My favorite would have to include artichokes, olives, sausage, and peppers. YUM!

  2. those cookies look delicious! might have to make some myself.

    i really like california pizza kitchen's bbq chicken pizza. we get it frozen though.

    our treadmill is in the extra bedroom. wish we had another place to put it but no such luck! :(

  3. HA...funny you should mention the snowstorm...it's actually a touchy subject...LOL. at 11:50pm on monday night, my friend (who went to disney with us) calls to say our flight (3:50pm on Tuesday) has been canceled. I call Jetblue, they tell us we can ge ton the 7a, flight on Thursday (and stay in Disney 2 more days). Ryan and i have no clue what to do, he is super busy at work, he has grad school, i have work etc etc. so we get on the 6am flight Tuesday, missing the last day of our vacation. We SOOOO should have stayed in FL!!! we are so mad at ourselves!!! My work got canceled wed and thurs, Ryan's grad class and work got canceled...UGH,We could still be in FL right now! ha

  4. The snowdays actually make my workouts better because I can get in a lunchtime run when I'm working from home!

    We keep our treadmill in one of the guestrooms that we've made into a sort of workout room.

    My favorite pizza is a pesto pie that a family run place down the road makes! Though I do love homemade.