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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday--- the VERY random edition...

So L boogie is sick and I got very little sleep last night so my thoughts are random and scattered.

1.  I have been washing my hair less and less and getting more and more compliments on how good it looks.  I have never thought about not washing my hair after workout but after reading many a post from Janae about not washing her hair and seeing how good her hair always looks.  I decided to get it a whirl on day when I was running late for work and just had time to shower but not wash my hair.  I have been running in 10 degree weather and use dry shampoo but I am embracing this more and more and my hair thanks me!!  So thanks to Janae for the inspiration!

2.  I stumbled upon a recipe last night on Leslie's blog and I actually dreamed about it!!  I cant wait to make Shaved brussels sprouts tonight.  This morning I made a special trip to the store to get the ingredients.  I LOVED Brussels sprouts.  I will let you know how it turns out!

3.  The one downside  (if you can really call it a downside) to owning your own treadmill is there is never a good excuse not to work out.  As I said before I slept like crap so I did not make it to the gym this morning and J is working tonight so normally I would scrap it all together but I  can just hop on the treadmill in the basement after L boogie goes to bed so I have no excuses.  No excuses which I guess is good unless you are looking for an excuse which today I am!

What are some random thngs on your mind today??


  1. I used to wash my hair after every workout, but my hair is curly and that makes it sort of a disaster zone. For the past few months I only wash it every couple of days and it's manageable and looks and feels so much healthier!

  2. @Kari-- I am glad I am not the only one...

  3. wow I feel like my hair is a greaseball if I don't wash it! Maybe I'll try it! Haha, good call on the treadmill. It's been my fall back option lately.