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Monday, January 3, 2011

The tale of two runs: HBBC Virtual New Year's Day Run and the Wicked Frosty Four Miler

 I had signed up to do the Wicked Frosty Four Miler before I started my training plan for the marathon... it is a sort of New Year's Tradition for me.  I have done it all four years the race has been held even when I was six months pregnant with L Boogie.  So when I realized I needed to do a 8 mile  long training run I  was bummed I wasn't sure how I would fit them both in.  I have never done a race as part of my training run.  Then I sawAmanda's Virtual Resolution Run and decided I would use that as the first half of my run. 

Resolution Run Report

I had decided to do 4 miles at my gym before the race and then walk the tenth of a mile to the Frost Four start line ( Love local races).  I even printed out the bib and wore it on the treadmill at the gym.  (my camera broke so no pics).  I wrote on my bib I will learn to love the treadmill.  (Living in Ma and needing to train in the cold icy months this is a must for me even more so with my husbands schedule. )  I got many compliments and comments on the bib.  I explained the race and the world of blogging to a few folks.  I hopped on the treadmill and started the run.

I started cautiously since the treadmill burns me (or at least my mind) out quickly.

Mile 1 11:00 pace
Mile 210:45 pace
Mile 3 10:30 pace
Mile 4 10:15 pace
Total 4 miles in 42 minutes 10:45 pace

I felt great and probably should have pushed myself more. It actually flew by and I enjoyed my time on the treadmill.  I might reach my goal of enjoying the treadmill!!

Then I hopped off the treadmill and headed over to the start line for the Frosty Four.  This race is great and growing every year.  It also kicks off my first race for the Run for the bling of it challenge ( even though there was no bling)  since I waited too long to sign up and did not get a t shirt... bummer!  The weather was wonderful!  I ran in capris and long sleeve t-shirt ( unheard of in New England in January). The start was delayed about 20 minutes making my legs a little tired and sore. Since there had been a blizzard the week before and the streets are old and narrow it took me almost 2 minutes to cross the start line... just in time for my garmin to die.  The race was very congested and almost dangerous for the first 1.5 mile people would just stop and walk without looking.  There is typically someone calling out the splits but not this year.  There was a great crowd presence but I was tired and struggled a bit... I think it may have been too much champagne the next before.  Overall, I felt pretty good and was happy to be done when I crossed the finish.  I saw my time when I finished and was slightly bummed but then I remembered it took me 2 minutes to cross the starting line. 
Results were 45:18 11:20 pace but if you minus the 2 minutes it is a 10:45 pace not too bad as part of my run.

After the race I grabbed some water and then I decided to run the two miles to my car.  At 11:00 pace, it felt better to run then walk so I went for it. 

The whole run ended up being 10 miles in 1:48 which is 10:45 pace.

I am happy with my first long run of Marathon training and it was a great way to kick of the new year. 

Do ever use races as part of your longer runs for that day??


  1. Sounds like a good day! Nice job!

  2. I will be doing that next week. I'm scheduled to run 19 miles, so I'll be running the LA half then doing an extra 6 miles after =)

  3. way to go!! i agree, sometimes we must learn to be more zen about treadmill time

  4. What a great way to start the year! I did a race last year as part of a training run. It was fun and I liked how it broke up the run for me. Great job!