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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goals for the week and 30 Days of Thanks Day 6 and Day 7

Last Week in Review:
I had kinda of a bad week.  I only worked out 3 times and did not make it on my long run.  I fell last Tuesday  and got a terrible cut/ bruise on my leg.  My leg was really hurting so I decided to give it a rest.  Kind of a lame excuse but I trying not to dwell.  I also ate like crap and need to get my eating back on track. 

Weekly Workout Goals:
I have finished my first two weeks of baseline training and this week calls for some moderate runs.. so I vague so here it goes:

11/8 Monday: 30 day Shred
11/9 Tuesday: 5 mile Run at 10:30 pace
11/10 Wednesday: Spin / 30 day Shred
11/11 Thursday: 5 Mile run at 3 miles at 10:30 and 2 miles at 9:30 pace/ 30 day Shred
11/12 Friday: Rest
11/13 Saturday 4 mile run at 10:30
11/14 Sunday 7 or 8 miles

Other Goals:

Eat out planned meals and no impulse snacking
Limit myself to one cup of coffee a day

30 Days of Thanks

Day 6- Lazy weekends

I love lazy weekends with no plans.  They always end up to be the best.  This weekend we had no plans which is very unusual and much appreciated.  There was lots of time spent in pjs, yummy breakfasts and extra naps.  These weekends almost never happen but are pure bliss in my book

Day 7- Blogging

I may not have lots of followers or know as much about running as other but I love blogging.  I have made other attempts at blogging before about various subjects and have always failed.  But I love all the blogs/bloggers and I love running so this maybe the prefect combo to keep me blogging. 

Happy Monday!


  1. I just started blogging and feel the same way. I was running for a couple of months and completed my 1st 5K last month, but I have stopped and your running inspires me!

  2. Thanks!! We should do a race together sometime.

  3. ITA with the running-blogging! where else does anyone care or understand why we're disappointed that we only ran 3 instead of 6 miles today? Or truly appreciate it when we say we PR'd our 5K yesterday by an entire minute? Just here. ;-)