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Friday, November 5, 2010

Lessons learned from Last Night's Speed Workout

I have done speed work before but not in a long while.  Last night was my third speed workout since starting this round of training.  Here are somethings I learned at night from my speed workout.

-My headphones suck and I need new ones.
- Don't eat dinner and then do a speed workout.
- I prefer to warm-up and cool-down outside and not have the whole workout on the treadmill.
- I really need to get my own treadmill-- I hate the gym esp how crowded it is about to get
- Speed workouts really do make you faster and stronger
- Music makes the workout tolerable
- I love speed workouts once they are done

What have you learned from your workouts recently??


  1. I've learned that I'm a much better outdoor runner and that I need new shoes!

  2. Hi Karyn! I loved the yasso 800's involved in my marathon training and find that speed workouts really break up the distance. I will be attempting more speed workouts as I train for my half in January! I wish I had my own treadmill too!!

  3. I hope you win the giveaway because you NEED new headphones! Wouldn't it be amazing to have your own personal treadmill....some day!! I loved your reasons to work out on my blog! Made my day! Lovin your blog!