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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A whole lot of thanks...

I am have been slacking on doing the 30 day of Thanks Challenge.  I figured today is a great day to catch up and be grateful.

12 A good book--- there is  nothing like snuggling on the couch with a good book and a warm cup of tea at the  day
13 Good hair days-- makes going to work a little better when you have good hair
14 Yoga-- I love the way I feel after a hot yoga class...it is a work out both for the mind and body.
15 Story hour--- I love watching L boogie listen to stories and do crafts with his friends.  Plus nap time is extra long those days
16 Catching up with old friends-  I love when you can meet up with a friend after a long period time and it feels like no time has past
17 Chocolate--- I love it!
18 Our home--- it may not be big or stylish but it is ours and I feel complete there.
19 New Running gear-- I have had the same gear for 4 years  so it is a treat to get something new.
20 The ability to run-  running just makes me happy.
21 Our Siblings-- they are supportive and have become great friends.
22 Our parents-- they have been there for us no matter what.
23-- My nieces and nephews-- I love that my boy has cousins.
24-- The aquarium--- I love penguins.
25-- Racing -- I love thrill and atmosphere of racing.

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  1. Coming from Hotlegs runner to wish you Happy thanksgiving and get you closer to 30 followers!

  2. thanks for the link up! at least you were able to catch up on the missed thank yous. Truly great things to be thankful for =)